Home Loan Tool Kit


New “Know Before you Owe Rule”

New rules for lenders are due to come into effect on October 3rd.   These rules place new timings on disclosures during the escrow process which could extend escrow if you do not get all your loan docs   all setup well in advance.

Have you have ever gone through the mortgage process and received a 1000 page document with confusing legal terminology that you initial and sign without understanding and then wonder if you are getting a good deal?

Next time be prepared and use this tool kit to help you

  1. Select the right mortgage
  2. Compare loans and get the best deal
  3. understand the closing costs and out of pocket expenses

Click here to get your Home Loan Toolkit (English Version)

Haga clic aquí para obtener tu kit de herramientas Home Loan.  (Spanish Version)

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