UnknownAfter months of little rain and un interrupted sunshine we in Southern California may have forgotten what happens when large amounts of rain falls and where it needs to go.    With a strong El Nino season approaching it will save some surprises to prepare your home.

  1. Gutters:  Clean out those gutters and fix downpipes and seams to ensure water flows along them and out through the drains:   Seal up any exterior cable holes and ensure down pipes direct water away from the home.
  2. Roof:  Now would be a good time to check for leaks in that roof.  The hot and dry summer would have dried out roof timbers making them shrink and creating small gaps.   After the first rains check for water spots or have your roofer inspect your roof. Check the flashing points around roof joints and pipes this is where most leaks occur
  3. Check window frames and caulking and repair and paint before the rain gets under that flakey paint.
  4. Check patios, decks and landscaping and ensure water runs away from the home.  Lookout for low spots around the edge of the home that may direct water under the raised foundation.   Store some sand bags just in case.
  5. Invest in a sump pump for any flooding emergencies to pump water out of low-lying areas
  6. Rain brings ants into the house so it might be a good idea to hire an extermination company or set your ant traps now to do a preemptive strike.
  7. Have some candles and battery lights available  in case the power goes out.

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